Our pick up and deliver service is our most complete service

Pick Up:
We visit our customers and collect whatever fruit they want pressed. Both pick up and collection are included for a flat fee of £20 for any location within a 20 mile radius. For further afield we will have to consult diaries and availability.

Clean, Dice, Press, Bottle and Pasteurise:
We press all fruit in our aqua press based in one of our Tees Valley Farms.
All the fruit arrives and is cleaned then diced and pressed. The resultant juice is then bottled and pasteurised making it ready to be stored for up to a year. The process usually takes up to 4hrs/24 bottles until the bottles are ready to be transported.

Delivery is agreed with the customer to ensure someone is available to accept the bottles of juice.

Collect my fruit, juice it and deliver it

Fruit Pressing Training

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